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PictoPRO Online Event: Characters for Clients

Exclusive PictoPRO member LIVE online broadcast celebrating professional character work across industries, with PictoTalks and member spotlights


Buoyed by the success of experimental online streaming in 2020 and 2021 plus the recent launch of its PictoHOME PRO resources, Pictoplasma introduces an all-new online event series to highlight professional character-makers and connect creators from around the world – with no travel required.

On March 21, the 1st PictoPROgram broadcasted live on PictoHOME, with brand new PictoTalks from featured artists sharing the processes and problems of their successful client projects, and a spotlight on commissioned character projects from artists in the PictoHOME community, selected from a (now-completed) Call for Entries .

Access to this event is available with the activation of a PictoPRO membership, offered annually for a limited-time price of 69€ – and including 24/7 access to a growing video archive of 230+ PictoTalks, PLUS livestreams of the annual NYC and Berlin conferences, and more … If you haven’t yet, GO PRO now!


Spanish nomadic illustration duo Cachetejack

Cachetejack is a Spanish female illustration duo who has worked together since 2011 in advertising, press, murals, fashion and books. They will talk about their processes working on a recent worldwide Nike campaign.

Swiss character designer Félicie Haymoz

Félicie Haymoz from Switzerland translates her observations of fellow humans and the animal world into subtly detailed characters with singular personalities and attitudes. She's especially fond of stop-motion animation and will talk about her recent collaboration with director Magdalena Osinska on I Am Your Mother, produced by Aardman Animations for the Star Wars: Visions animated anthology.

Brazilian illustrator & graphic designer Jun Ioneda

Jun Ioneda, a graphic artist from São Paulo, has led illustration projects both as a solo multidisciplinary artist and as the head of his studio, BARCA. Through a vibrant collection of characters and scenery, Jun created an animation for Spotify, which aired on social media channels and featured in many subway stations in São Paulo, to (not) celebrate the slog that is the month of August.

French art director & character designer Lucie Viatge

Lucie Viatgé is a versatile game artist from France who loves a colourful and stylized look. She most recently specialized in art direction and character design for Goodbye Volcano High, a story-driven, choice-based cinematic adventure game about Fang's last year of high school as the end of the world looms, produced by KO_OP, an artist run and owned game studio in Montreal.

Canadian/Australian illustrator and concept artist Nathan Jurevicius

Nathan Jurevicius is an illustrator, director, toy designer, author and concept artist. His most acclaimed concept to date is Scarygirl, an ever-evolving world of characters manifested through graphic novels, limited edition figures, video games and a recent feature film, for which Nathan had to give up control and put his creation into the hands of others.

Australian graphic designer, illustrator and picture book maker Rilla Alexander

Rilla Alexander is an Australian-born, Los Angeles based graphic designer, illustrator and picture book maker. She has written and illustrated her own books (The New Rooster, The Thingamajig, You Rule) and illustrated books written by others, most notably Lemony Snicket’s Swarm of Bees and Jane Yolen’s A Bear Sat on my Porch Today. She will talk about the process of working with publishers in both capacities.


International illustrators, artists, designers, and animators were invited to apply for the chance to take the spotlight for themselves and present a commissioned character project that they’re proud of via the (now completed) #CharacterCommissions Call for Entries.

The winning projects have been juried and invitations to speak sent to their creators. Check the below schedule for the final list of confirmed community speakers and take a peek at all selected and submitted projects on the Call for Entries page.


PictoPROgram Onboarding


16:02 — 16:50
Lucie Viatgé (FR)
Nathan Jurevicius (AU/CA)
Félicie Haymoz (CH)

16:50 — 17:20
CharacterCommissions / Community Spotlights
Serge Rodas (AR)
Kain (CN)
Musclebeaver (DE)
Romero Item (JP)
Eva Münnich (UK)
Squid & Pig (SP)
Petrick (KAZ)

17:20 — 17:55
Conference Talk
Natalie Labarre (US)

17:55 — 18:00

18:00 - 18:45
Cachetejack (SP)
Jun Ioneda (BR)
Rilla Alexander (AU/US)

18:45 — 19:20
CharacterCommissions / Community Spotlights
Carly Gledhill (UK)
Sólin (MX)
Syl Hillier (CH)
Carl Wilson (UK)
Stupid Love (AR)
Lorenzo Fonda (IT)

19:20 — 20:00
Conference Talk
Andy J Pizza (US)

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