Meet Stormund – a social butterfly with a loud contagious laugh and a lively personality. Stormund loves talking and is always making random jokes. He inspires the ones around him with his endless curiosity and nonestop flow of ideas.

You might be shocked to find out that Stormund struggles with self-doubt and imposter-syndrome. He worries that he is too much and too loud – that maybe his friends only like him because he’s funny.

Sometimes Stormund thinks about moving far away to start a new life, but will that change anything or will his fears pack their bags and move along with him?

Nathan Griffin

Reminds me of the muppets song about not wanting to live on the moon if it means being isolated from friends and family. If this tiger has self-doubts and fantasizes about living on the moon then I would consider this to be a very sad image. There is a contrast between the art style and the subject matter.

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