Eno Etunim


Berlin, Germany

After receiving my Bachelor in Film & Motion Design at the the University of applied Arts and Sciences in 2015, I pursued my longstanding desire to learn more about the art of drawing and decided on 1 January 2016 to create an illustration every day for one year.

My goals: to be satisfied with each day’s creation as well as the daily challenge to be creative, independently of time and space. Trips to ’s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands), Karlskrona (Sweden), to Garbicz Festival (Poland), Prerow (Baltic Sea, Germany), Budapest (Hungary) ensued, always followed by a return to Berlin.

The "ONE MINUTE" series became a daily meditation – a passion – and a journey through the experiment with abstraction, symmetry and color. The Rules: No ruler. Full confidence in intuition. No looking back.