Daniel Bueno


São Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Bueno has contributed to more than fifty magazines in Brazil. He got several prizes as two Bronze in 3x3 Annual (USA) and four HQ Mix (Brazil). In 2011 the book "My cousin's corner window" got Honour Mention in the Bologna Children's Book Fair (Italy, 2011) and was exhibited in Ilustrarte (Portugal, 2012). Daniel was also the illustrator of three books that won the Jabuti Prize. His animation Into Pieces, created with Guilherme Marcondes, was exhibited in Ottawa Festival (Canada), Annecy Festival (France), RESFEST (Brazil), Brooklyn International Film Festival (EUA), Onedotzero (England), IdN (Hong Kong), Animamundi opening (Brazil), and got Honour Mention in Prix Ars Electronica (Austria). In 2020 his work was highlighted in the illustration magazine 3x3 (USA).