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Call for Entries

Past Call for #rabbitreloaded

There’s no such thing as too much bunnies?

Or so it seems... For some inexplicable reason, the favorite motif of international character designers has hardly evolved in recent years. Already in 2005 we wanted to get to the bottom of things, and begged established and upcoming artists to send in their versions of rabbits, bunnies, hares and everything in between. Back then our hope was, that by condensing the endless variations of the rabbit motif into one perfect bunny mandala, the true nature of the beast would emerge: the ultimate essence of rabbit.

However, those cotton-tailed specimen just keep reproducing, so time has come to ask for an update.

From all submitted entries a jury (of carrot lovers) will make a selection of 5 winners, to receive a late Easter surprise box delivered to their door step, filled to the brim with precious Pictoplasma publications, delicious character treats, and limited art goodies from our private collection.


Everyone is a winner (when it comes to rabbits)!!!

After staring into the little red retinas of more than 400 cotton-tailed bunnies, hares and everything in between, it’s impossible to see any differences in quality or style. Actually it’s impossible to see anything anymore.

So we decided to spin a carrot, and here are the 5 happy hoppers to receive a late Pictoplasma Easter surprise box delivered directly to their door steps:
From left to right, top to bottom: PAUL THOMAS, LUIZA KWIATKOWSKA, ARIANE SABRE, DROOLWOOL, KLEMENT CSABA – Congratulation!

Thanks again to all who have submitted generously.


Elmer Fudd

Emrah Tümer

Peter!The happiest person with this mandala =)

5 y

von Zubinski

There's a cat hiding in it : D

5 y

Leav Café

This call for entries is so much fun!

5 y

arnaud neubert

Done ! Great idea ! Let's do this again !

5 y

Sara Gummy


5 y


Thank you so much!! I couldn't be happier!! :D :D :D

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