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Call for Entries

PAST CALL FOR #MissingLinkMetamorphosis

Every character must one day face inevitable change and evolution. Some might shrivel and hide grumpy in caves, while others have the chance to cocoon, evolve, and transition into something beautiful and new.
No exception here – outcome unknown: Pictoplasma’s very own Missing Link character is facing a looming metamorphosis.

Calling the collective swarm creativity of all international character creators to redesign, reshape, reimagine, reinvent, Re-Pictoplasma Missing Link – and turn it into something uniquely new!

(above example by Andrew J Bell)

Our lil' Link has long lived alongside us, just feature-less enough to serve as the perfect empty screen for viewers to project their own narration onto it, yet exactly the right amount of hairiness, to make you want to get into physical cuddle-mode. Since our initial research way back in 2011 and the resulting birth of our boiled-down Yeti-shaped mascot, many international artists have made our fuzzy, blank "character canvas" their own and elevated it to unforeseen manifestations: Link has appeared in clay, in ink, in costume, in animation, in oil painting, in-flatable, and in endless other media ...

Now it's time for some next level Missing Link 2.0!

And that's where you come in: Show us your version of the Missing Link: take it, shake it, break it, infuse your trademark style, mix it up, turn it into yours – and share your reborn bright 'n hairy results on Pictofolio.com, our (t)rusted character community site (that – as it happens – might also be about to face its own post-puberty transformation soon).


A selection of 20 submissions manifested itself at the recent Pictoplasma Berlin Festival and Conference (May 3–7), giving full credits to each creator, while exposing their work to the international conference crowd and wider festival audience.

Full disclosure: All exhibited Missing Links have been scavenged by our conference attendees and festival visitors – nothing is here anymore – everything is missing. The artwork by the following artists has meanwhile travelled on to unknown international territories: @echtjetze, @chocotoy, @babak, @miguel_guercio, @mr_eightyone, @r0zartz, @evamunnich, @timothy_winchester, @snids, @marta, @mani_zamani, @mikegeiger, @nownow, @vantorre, @csaba_klement, @zinkete, @panni_gyulai, @moki, @sad_salesman, @werkstattkollektiv.

Next, somewhere along the month of May, all of us – including the MissingLink – are doomed to disappear for a brief hibernation – taking pictofolio.com and pictoplasma.com with us.
But we will all awake soon after – reborn!

What awaits us on the other side is still a mystery, but we invite you to be a part of this next incarnation ...


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Missing link wool mecha


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Missing Link Matryoshka Dolls