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Call for Entries

Call For Entries: #CharacterCommissions

The Art of Adding Eyes to Get the Message Through

Pictoplasma asks you to dig into your professional portfolio and shine a spotlight on one of your creations that served its cause – with character.

Pictoplasma's new Call for Entries invites all international illustrators, artists, designers, and animators to showcase characters as perfect harbingers of purpose by showing off a favourite project that puts anthropomorphic appeal front and center. Big or small, commissioned or self-initiated, static or in motion – all can serve as proof that a character can communicate anything: from content to context, from consumerism to cause.

“If in Doubt, Put Eyes On It!”

(old Pictopian saying, early 17th century)

Have you been commissioned to create a characterful mural in the office of a spiffy startup or add recognition value to the facade of a local boutique? Have your characters been activated in animated campaigns, applied to apparel, sent as stationery, given as greeting cards? Are you responsible for bringing life to words in picture books, self-care manuals, magazine think pieces? Or were you hired to apply character to product packaging, figurative logos, or enlivened ads – from global/national billboards to flyers for your local punk club? 

If your answer is yes – and you’re proud of the result – we are asking you to share your character with a beauty shot of its final manifestation!

To Enter:
● Pick a character you created/were commissioned to create that lives within a larger project and serves a cause of any kind (professional or personal)
● Find the perfect image that clearly shows how your character was applied or manifested 
● Consider some accompanying words (about section) to inspire with further context – the initial idea, challenges and solutions, fulfillment fun or woes...
● Upload all to your PictoHome profile with the hashtag #CharacterCommissions in project's About section

Deadline for submission is Sunday, February 25 (midnight in all time zones)

A jury will select up to 10 creators to win a year of Picto PRO membership and be invited to create a self-recorded PictoTalk (5 minutes video) sharing the who, what, why and how of their project – to be broadcasted to the Pictoplasma community during the upcoming PictoPRO online event this March 21. 

Selected projects will be announced on Tuesday February 27 and contacted with more details about making their pre-recorded PictoTalks.
(tl;dr 1080p movie of you talking over a slideshow, with creative freedoms allowed.) Presentations must be submitted to Pictoplasma by Sunday March 10.